My First Wedding Cake

November 27, 2010

Wow. What a ride. Many months ago a lovely girl at work asked me if I could make her wedding cake. Initially, she heard about me because of my cupcakes but after chatting she said she rather liked the idea of a tiered cake instead, and asked if I could do it. I said yes, never having made a wedding cake before mind you. I’m glad I did it’s been an incredibly busy and stressful and messy two days but it was so rewarding when I stepped into the marquee with all the tables beautifully set up and placed the cake down and took a photo.

It’s not perfect – I had a few problems (damn oven bakes wonky cakes!) but in it’s imperfection, I thought it was quite lovely. I would have it as my own wedding cake definitely.

It’s red velvet (coolest bride ever for requesting that) and I covered the cakes in white fondant initially but OMG I suck at it so bad, I don’t know what it is… but there were little cracks and things so I whipped up some royal icing. Now, royal icing spreads easily but it dries lumpy… and looks like an oil painting. I looked at the end result and freaked out a little, seeing as it didn’t have a nice smooth finish anymore but a little… rustic. But once I put the spray of roses on the top it suddenly transformed it and I really love it!

Anyway – new goal for 2011 – take some cake deco classes! There’s only so far you can go being self taught

Now to go clean the epic mess…

Not perfect, but it will definitely be delicious.

NOTE: I will post more photos, especially of the inside when I get some from the photographer post wedding.