Retro Nostalgia

November 23, 2008

So it’s a cold, miserable Spring day and the perfect weather to make some toasted sandwiches. Not just any sandwiches, but old school “jaffles” as we used to call them when I was a kid. I rummaged through the cupboard to find our “jaffle” maker, or what is better known as a sandwich maker.

We haven’t quite upgraded to a sandwich press just yet…

So this was my little brother’s expression when he asked me to make him a Nutella sandwich!

Nutella? Yes Please!

Nutella? Yes Please!

Check out our sanwich maker in all it’s retro 80’s glory!

Toasty Goodness

Toasty Goodness

So in conclusion the best cure for a cold day is a warm toasty nutella sandwich. Or my favourite, cheese and tomato!

"Mmm this is pretty good Wall-E you're really missing out".

"Mmm this is pretty good Wall-E, you're really missing out!"